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About Topdoodles

What is Topdoodles


Topdoodles is an amazing club for everyone who is interested in poodle mixes, such as goldendoodles, labradoodles, and the like. We strive to be the best site on the web for all things doodle.  Topdoodle combines a unique social network for doodle owners and breeders alike, a forum for all things doodle, directories of breeders, parents, puppies and litters, a unified puppy application, and many more features.

Topdoodles for Breeders

What does Topdoodles.com offer to breeders?


Topdoodles.com is an amazing place for breeders.  You can do so many things! 

  1. You can post a detailed, free profile and let people find you.  There, you can include pictures and videos!
  2. You can post individual puppies, or even individual puppies.  You can also create a directory of your sires and dams.
  3. You can request that we create and post a profile for you!
  4. You can manage the listings you have created.
  5. You can participate in our discussion forum.
  6. You can join and share on our Social Network - Doodlenet!
  7. You can write and publish blog posts about doodles.
  8. You can proudly display our badge on your website.